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Dominion Bridge will embrace its industrial past, connect with the surrounding neighbourhood, and become a hub for innovation, the arts, and community living. Dominion Bridge will be socially diverse, environmentally sound and economically active. (vision for Dominion Bridge in Ramsay, April 2013)

Dominion Bridge in Ramsay
Project Overview:
Comprised of approximately 11 acres of former industrial land, Dominion Bridge in Ramsay will be Calgary’s most distinctive urban. Using the historical Dominion Bridge building as inspiration, the development will be a testament to combining historical elements with modern architecture. This mixed-used development will feature a multi-use, adaptive and year-round plaza where the community will be able to gather to enjoy events and the adjacent restaurants and shops. Residential components will include townhomes, mid-rise condominiums and live/work lofts. Office and retail space will allow residents to live, work and play within a dynamic and unique area.

Along with its neighbouring community Inglewood, Ramsay is consider the "Birthplace of Calgary" and in 1994 Ramsay was designated by the Area Redevelopment Plan as a historically significant yet viable residential community. New Urban Development is proud and excited to be part of Ramsay’s legacy. The site of the proposed development was the home of the Dominion Bridge Company, one of Canada’s oldest steel fabricators. The Company was associated with the construction of many major steel bridges and buildings throughout Canada and North America including the steel structure for the Calgary Tower. The site retains the industrial factory buildings, complete with gantries, iron structural beams and rail beds that are remnants of its history. These artifacts, either obvious or waiting to be discovered, give an undeniable character to the site. The repurposing of the existing buildings and the addition of new architecture and public space will be an important extension of the Ramsay community.

Dominion Bridge in Ramsay is located in one of Calgary’s first neighbourhoods and is envisioned as a true mixed-used development. Across from the downtown core, alongside the Elbow River, and adjacent to the Calgary Exhibition and Stampede grounds, Ramsay is one of Calgary’s original industrial and working class areas.

Dominion Bridge in Ramsay will be a model for resilient design within the City of Calgary. Resiliency will be achieved by intensifying underutilized inner-city lands through a genuine mixed-used development, reducing the need to develop agricultural and environmentally sensitive lands outside The City and by increasing the efficient use of infrastructure through productive landscaping. Additionally, the proposed project’s resilient design will add significant open and gathering spaces to the neighbourhood at large, increase pedestrian and transit connections on site, and provide a variety of live/work opportunities for a diverse population.

Development Update:

July, 2014

New Urban Development is actively continuing design and City approvals on the proposed Dominion Bridge in Ramsay mixed-used development. The Land Use Application to the City of Calgary is underway with our Pre-Application meeting on February 6, 2014. We received initial comments from the City and are pleased with the response to date. The process has been temporarily delayed due to ongoing negotiations with major stakeholders including the Calgary Stampede. We are working to resolve our negotiations as quickly as possible and aim to continue with our Land Use Application by this fall.

We have received tremendous support from the Ramsay Community Association, our Ramsay neighbours, friends in surrounding communities and Calgarians in general for our proposed Dominion Bridge in Ramsay project. We truly appreciate all the positive support and encouragement.

Our efforts in planning and designing Dominion Bridge in Ramsay stem from a genuine desire to enrich and strengthen the neighbourhood. This development will enable us to introduce numerous innovative and creative development solutions based on extensive research of best practices around the world. We strongly believe in contributing to Calgary’s growth through thoughtful, sustainable and community-oriented development. We have enjoyed all the connections we have made in Ramsay and surrounding areas and look forward to continuing working with you in the future.
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For those unable to attend our community workshop on December 4, 2013, you can view the presentation boards by clicking on the various links below or view the summary of the workshop notes.
*Please note that all concepts are preliminary and are subject to change*

Have Your Say & Stay Connected:
Thank you to everyone who attended our community workshop on December 4, 2013. We welcome ongoing comments and feedback from our Ramsay neighbours and surrounding communities. You can also follow us on Twitter or on Facebook. Please feel free to email us at or give us a call at 403-452-4067.
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