We are Inspired by Energy...

...vitality and originality of urban neighbourhoods. With a committed focus on urban redevelopment, we use our expertise, experience, and creativity to transform existing properties into
fresh, modern and vibrant developments. Our vision is to enhance inner city neighbourhoods by renewing properties and creating a sense of place and community for residents.

Based on our current project portfolio totalling 1.87 million square feet and a market value of 
$430 million, we are quickly becoming one of Calgary's most significant urban developers. 

What We Do
Urban Redevelopment & Mixed Use

Build communities...

At New Urban, we believe a neighbourhood’s history is enriched through imaginative designs and layouts. By focusing exclusively on the inner-city, we have gained in-depth understanding of how to design projects that integrate the historical fabric of the community with the urban dynamism of the future.

Our land holdings total 31.5 acres within various inner-city communities and feature hotel, retail, commercial and residential projects. (for a PDF map of current land holdings please click here)
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Attainable Housing

Create Affordability...

We believe that:
• home ownership should be an option for those with moderate incomes
• home ownership builds financial equality
• diversity of housing form and a socio economic balance is important to create sustainable communities
                                         INHOUSE, a not-for-profit society established by New Urban, utilizes a unique shared equity model to assist moderate income earners become home owners. 
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In the Community

Support the arts...

On February 13, 2014 New Urban introduced PASSAGE, a public art space to support, promote and celebrate Calgary artists. The vision for this initiative is to welcome and engage the community in an evolving historic space.
The newest exhibit Still Burning commemorates the 35th Anniversary of Canada's longest running arts collective, the Burns Visual Arts Society. Still Burning runs September 18, 2014 through January 15, 2015.
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